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Uses Of Honey

Uses Of HoneyThere are many uses and ways of using honey as in is an extremely useful and versatile food. The uses of honey include cooking, baking, spreading on bread or toast, and as an addition to certain beverages such as tea. Because honey is hygroscopic (drawing moisture from the air), a small quantity of honey added to a pastry recipe will retard the staling process. Raw honey also contains enzymes that aid in its digestion, several vitamins and antioxidants.

Honey is the main ingredient in the alcoholic beverage mead, which is also known as honey wine, or methelgin. Honey is used in traditional folk medicine and apitherapy, which is also a quality natural preservative.

Naturally, bees are insects which fly about freely and not rared or looked after by humans. Over the years, there has been an increase in beekeeping to ensure the constant production of high quality honey. Without commercial beekeeping, large-scale agricultural farming and some of the seed industry would be inept of sustaining themselves, since many crops are pollinated by migratory beekeepers who contract their bees for that purpose. Therefore, many people benefit from the existence of the bees.

It is also say that in ancient history, the Egyptians and Middle-Eastern people also used honey for embalming the rich dead. Honey is also very effective at healing skin tissue, especially wounds such as burns, such as raw honey and Manuka honey. The latter has been proven in clinical trials to be better than silver sulfadiazine in the healing of burns. One of the most common uses of honey would be using itto make honey baked ham, which is a popular choice of bread filling and well loved by many people all aorund the world.

In Singapore, many people use honey to make beverages or add that sweet touch to their breakfast. Many of the elderly believes that honey has a cooling effect. When children or adults are about the fall sick, they would mix honey in a glass of water and drink it. It is a wonderful and refreshing drink and it soothes any irritation that is present in the throat.