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Honey Varietals

There are many different type of flowers and plants that can be made into honey by the bees. The color and flavor of honeys differ depending on the nectar source (the type of flowers) that are used by the honey bees. The color ranges from nearly colorless to dark brown, the flavour ranges from being extremely mild to distinctively strong, depending on where the honey bees swarm to.


honey varietals - alfalfaAlfalfa is a plant with blue flowers and it blooms throughout the summer and is ranked as one of the most important honey plant in the western states. Alfalfa honey is clear white or extremely light amber in colour with a fine flavor that is very smooth. Alfalfa honey has a very good body which makes it a perfect table honey.


honey varietals - avocadoAvocado honey is gathered from avocado blossoms which can be found in California. Avocado honey is dark in color, with an extremely rich and buttery taste to it.


Basswood honey is often recognized by its distinctive biting flavour. The flowers are cream in colored and they usually bloom in late June and July. The honey is water-white has a strong flavour to it.


honey varietals - blueberryBlueberry honey is gathered from the tiny white flowers of the blueberry bush, the nectar makes a honey which is typically light amber in color and with a full, well-rounded flavor. Blueberry honey is produced in New England and in Michigan.


buckwheatBuckwheat plants grow best in cool, moist climates. The buckwheat plant prefers light and well-drained soils, although it can thrive in highly acid, low fertility soils as well. Buckwheat is usually planted in the spring it blooms quite early. Buckwheat honey has a dark brown colour and a strong, distinct flavour.


cloverClover plants are the most popular type of honey plants in United States. White clover, alsike clover, and the white and yellow sweet clover plants are the essential for honey production. Depending on the different location and source, Clover honey ranges in color from water white to extra light amber and gives a mild and delicate flavour to it.

Orange Blossom

orange blossomOrange Blossom honey is often a combination of a number of citrus floral sources. Orange is a leading honey source in many parts of the United States such as Southern Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. The orange blossom honey has a white to extra light amber honey with a distinctive flavour and the aroma of orange blossoms is present in it.