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Brazilian Honey Varietal

The composition of honey varies according to the vegetable species from where the nectar or honeydew was collected, the climate conditions and the soil.  Honey color may range from water white, white, light amber, amber, to dark amber or black, basically varying between all nuances of yellow amber.  The scent and flavor of honey mainly vary according to the vegetable species, but also the methods of honey collection and the climate conditions.

Besides supplementing with many plants of individual economic value for apiculture, the wild flora contributes to the production of an almost infinite variety of honey types throughout Brasil.  It plays an important role for the sustainability in apiculture all year round, because it represents an offer of almost continuous food, which supplies occasional lacks of blooming in monocultures.

The value of the wild flora for apiculture is not, obviously, the only aspect that accounts for its preservation or maintenance even in small areas (interlaid monocultures, reforestation with exotic trees such as Eucalyptus, pastures, etc.). Other native polinizators, including hundreds of bee species benefit from this preservation and, in turn, remain as effective or potential stock for pollination of their own agricultural farming.

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